Meet six young men and women who are making significant contributions to affordable housing.

All 40 or younger, this year’s group of rising stars work in the industry’s many different fields—development, finance, asset management, and policy. More than just good at their jobs, they are pushing their companies to new heights and taking an active role in improving the larger industry.

Today, there’s much to be anxious about as the need for affordable housing grows and resources get more scarce. But, there’s also much to feel good about. Here are six reasons to be optimistic about the future:

Since 2008, Affordable Housing Finance has been honoring young people who are making a big difference in the field. The Young Leader award was created as a way to recognize their achievements while fostering the development of a new generation of leaders. The 2018 Young Leaders will be honored at AHF Live: The Affordable Housing Developers Summit, Nov. 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.