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LIHTC Properties See Rent Growth Slow in 2021

Novogradac analysis of 125,000 units also finds notable increase in operating... More

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Industry Adapts to the New 4% LIHTC Rate

Leaders discuss the change and what comes next. More

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Report Examines the Effects of a Democratic Sweep on Affordable Housing

Novogradac says the election could have significant implications on tax policy. More

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Analysis Looks at Reducing the 50% Test for Bond Deals

Novogradac study reveals that changes could mean as many as 1.4 million more homes... More

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Novogradac Opportunity Funds List Surpasses $10 Billion Mark

This summer could be significant for the federal program. More

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Novogradac Listing Shows Increase in OZ Equity

Qualified Opportunity Funds report having raised over $6.7 billion. More

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Republicans Pass Sweeping Tax Reform

Housing tax credits and private-activity bonds are preserved. More

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Roundtable: Experts Weigh in on Mixed-Income, Mixed-Tenant Housing

Industry leaders discuss benefits and complexities. More

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Assessing a Cloudy LIHTC Market

AHF Forum panelists discuss the challenges of closing deals this year. More

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