The Hampstead Foundation, a San Diego-based private foundation, announced it will award up to six college scholarships of $3,000 each.

Applicants must be high school seniors living with a legal guardian who is a qualified tenant of a low income-housing tax credit (LIHTC) regulated project. The student must be eligible to enroll and attend an institution of higher education in the fall of 2017.

Applications are due April 15, and awards are planned to be announced in May.

The scholarship program is the cornerstone of The Hampstead Foundation’s mission. The scholarship program is focused on youth who, without financial support, might otherwise be unable to obtain a college education. The scholarship program provides economically disadvantaged but high-potential youth with college or private school tuition. It is expected that many of the youth who receive scholarships will be the first in their families to attend a higher education institution and will help to break the cycle of poverty that exists in affordable housing communities.

This is the second year for the scholarship program. The Hampstead Foundation awarded four scholarships in its first annual round to qualified applicants. Each awardee was a qualified tenant of LIHTC development and was enrolled to attend an institution of higher education in the fall of 2016.

The nonprofit foundation was established by representatives of The Hampstead Cos., a longtime affordable housing firm. The scholarship program is open to eligible residents of all LIHTC properties not just Hampstead communities.

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