Jonathan Rose, Jim Logue, Jenny Netzer, Joe Reilly, and John Rucker have put decades into affordable housing.

They have touched hundreds of communities, thousands of units, and tens of thousands of residents. If every development they worked on were lined up one after another, the buildings would stretch far into the horizon. They would make a good-sized city, a fine city with green buildings, services for residents, and stability into the future.

Rose, founder of Jonathan Rose Cos., is a developer who has been creating affordable housing that is sustainable and rich in resident opportunities long before most.

Logue, executive vice president of Cinnaire; Netzer, industry principal of TCAM; Reilly, president and CEO of The Community Development Trust; and Rucker, managing director of Stifel, have made developments happen by providing critical financing, championing sound policies, and preserving the aging housing stock.

For their contributions, they are being inducted into AHF’s Affordable Housing Hall of Fame.

They will be honored at AHF Live: The Affordable Housing Developers Summit, Nov. 13-15, in Chicago.