Diana McIver, Anne Segrest McCulloch, and John Parvensky have each made a difference for affordable housing. They’ve created and financed needed homes, but more than that they’ve built a foundation for others in the industry to stand on. For their lasting contributions, they are being inducted into AHF’s Affordable Housing Hall of Fame this year.

McIver, president and owner of DMA Cos., is an accomplished developer and steadfast advocate. She’s also been an important leader in Texas and beyond, working to improve programs and policies.

McCulloch is president and CEO of the Housing Partnership Equity Trust, a social purpose real estate investment trust that works with nonprofits to acquire and preserve affordable housing around the country. She’s also held influential roles at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Fannie Mae.

Parvensky has been president and CEO of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless since 1985. He and his organization walk the walk, serving the neediest and most vulnerable in their community. They each continue to make a difference.

This year’s Hall of Fame class will be recognized at AHF Live: The 2021 Affordable Housing Developers Summit, Nov. 15-17, in Chicago.