Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA

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Boston Capital Invests in Santa Cruz, Calif., Development

The project by For the Future Housing will provide 41 affordable homes. More

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Blessed Homes

Old churches and underutilized properties are finding new use as affordable housing. More

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Boston Capital Invests in California Project

Riverwalk Apartments by For the Future Housing will bring 21 affordable homes to... More

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Parkhurst Transforms Troubled Site

APTOS, CALIF. - Parkhurst Terrace is a world away from the notorious trailers that... More

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Homeless Check In To Nuevo Sol

SANTA CRUZ, CALIF. -The Nuevo Sol Apartments haven’t always been a healthy place to live. Before workers finished a green rehab here in September, the tiny rental apartments had a reputation for illegal drugs and prostitution, despite their location just a few blocks from the beach. More

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Where Do They Go at Night?

When I drove the backroads of Santa Cruz County, Calif., where I lived for many years, I would pass the region’s many strawberry fields. It was easy to spot the hunched-over backs of the farmworkers who were picking the red berries. More

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Santa Cruz, Calif.: Granny-Unit Law Adopted

This seaside community has found a way to encourage the development of affordable small-scale, neighborhood-compatible housing. More

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Nominate Now: AHF Seeks Industry Leaders for 2024 Awards

The deadline for Hall of Fame and Young Leader nominations is May 31. More

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