Zach Meyer

Hollis Fitch is CEO of Fitch Irick Corp., a leading affordable housing developer and owner.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company owns approximately 15,000 affordable housing units in about a dozen states and is growing. These units house more than 13,000 families.

Fitch has committed his career to ensuring that many folks can become financially independent while having housing choice.

“Doing good is an integral part of affordable housing development,” says Fitch, who turns 40 this year. “I like that our work serves other folks, folks that may be less fortunate, and gives people a leg up. I like knowing that the work we do every day not only benefits individuals, but communities as well.”

Starting in the industry right out of college, Fitch worked for a developer in the affordable housing industry for about three years before realizing he could make a greater impact on his own. In 2009, he was awarded his first low-income housing tax credit allocation in North Carolina. Since then, the company has steadily developed and acquired affordable housing properties and is now the managing member or the general partner in over 300 properties.

Earlier this year, Fitch Irick Corp. acquired most of Landmark Group’s properties, the firm where Fitch began his career.

Fitch Irick has grown from three employees to more than 500, and Fitch credits his team members for the company’s success.

“I am honored to be working with some of the most talented people in the industry,” he says. “The company wouldn’t be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of our team.”

His interest in giving back extends into his personal life as well. He is a volunteer pilot with Angel Flight Soars, which transports people, especially those in rural communities, to get medical treatment. In addition, Fitch is on the board of the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association and a member of the Affordable Housing Developers Council. He and his wife live in Charlotte and have two children.