Mike Price, Fairfield Photography

When Cornerstone Crossing Senior Apartments was proposed, Elsmere, Kentucky, hadn’t seen a new affordable housing development in nearly a decade. The community was ready to change that.

Though Wallick-Hendy Development Co. spearheaded the project, a 50-unit property for low-income seniors, Cornerstone Crossing was a true community effort.

The city, for example, waived all zoning fees and donated a portion of the land. St. Henry Parish, a community stronghold since 1936, gave a generous $50,000 to the cause. Community organizations like the Elsmere Senior Center, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, the Elsmere/Erlanger School District, and the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission even wrote letters in support.

“Cornerstone Crossing is a testament to the success of working with local community partners to revitalize a neighborhood and provide critical affordable housing for seniors,” says Alexis Dunfee, vice president of development at Wallick Communities.

Mike Price, Fairfield Photography

Thanks to community collaboration, Cornerstone is a reality, offering seniors safe and affordable housing, much-needed socialization opportunities, and a slew of amenities, including a library and a computer room.

The $9.2 million project also allowed the city to remove vacant and dilapidated housing and improve nearby infrastructure. New crosswalks were added, and there are plans to resurface streets and beautify landscaping.

"The Cornerstone Crossing project was a phenomenal addition to our community,” says Matthew Dowling, city administrator. “It was consistent with our strategic plan and removed a significant amount of blight while providing much-needed, new affordable housing for our senior population. It was so well received from our community that the building filled up almost immediately.”