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America’s Workers Priced Out of Housing

Many of the workers who are instrumental in building the nation’s homes are priced out of owning their own, reveals the new Paycheck to Paycheck: Wages and the Cost of Housing in America report. More

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Businesses Feel the Housing Pinch

A lack of affordable housing is making it difficult for companies to hire and retain entry- and mid-level workers. More

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Seeds of Change

Alfredo Valdovinos and his wife, Irma, work hard harvesting lemons in Santa Paula, Calif. Until recently, the couple and their four children lived in a two-room converted garage that didn’t have a kitchen. Even for a place that small, the rent was costly for the two farmworkers. More

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Construction Still a Pain in the Wallet

As the single-family housing market began to tank last year, many developers expected construction costs for apartments to drop. More

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IRS Proposes Utility Allowance Options

Owners of low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) properties would have new options for estimating tenant utility costs under a set of proposed regulations being weighed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). More

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Successful Sec. 8(a) Contractors

Other Sec. 8(a) firms that have been very successful with HUD include the following: More

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Development & Construction

Boston – Today the Dartmouth Hotel is one of the most beautiful buildings in a city full of grand structures. More

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