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Marketers Learn to Rely on Internet to Help with Leasing

Online marketing looks as though it’s here stay, despite the hard times suffered by many Internet services. More

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Leading Apartment Firms Describe Technology Approach

For most apartment firms that still rely on DOS-based property management software, it’s a huge leap of faith to switch to Web-based systems that leading software companies have been touting over the last few years More

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Owners Turn to Property Management Firms as ‘StrategicPartners’

Ten or 15 years ago, owners typically viewed their management company as a rent collector and a parking-lot sweeper More

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Leading Developers Pile on High-end Amenities to Attract Tenants

Owners of large apartment communities are bulking up on amenities like never before with the goal of offering residents a package of services that is more appealing than single-family homeownership. More

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Virtual Filing Cabinets

While the promise of a truly paperless office is still many years away, affordable... More

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Slashing Energy Costs

Cutting utility costs is a smart way to control operating expenses, and it can lead to a cleaner environment to boot. More

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Signs of Trouble

It is challenging enough to own and manage multifamily assets in this era when rental increases are marginal and expenses such as real estate taxes, property insurance, utilities, payroll, and other variable costs continue to increase. Dealing with rent delinquencies only makes matters worse. More

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Keep a lid on operating expenses

Rising operating costs, coupled with years of weak rental demand in many markets, have put pressure on property managers to look for ways to help apartment owners who have been pinched by property expenses. More

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Lead paint a growing risk:

Everyone in the apartment business is aware that chipped, flaking lead paint presents a health hazard. Recent studies show that essentially any amount of lead is harmful to a child’s brain. Even tiny amounts seem to have strong effects. More

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