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Historic School Transforms into Housing

A historic technical school has been adapted into housing in Worcester, Mass. More

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Spreading the Wealth: Jobsite Diversity for Multifamily Builders

In Charlotte, minorities have made up the majority of its 752,000 population since 2011, and women account for more than half. And there, Balfour Beatty Construction is part of a construction team that this month was selected to build a 146,000-square-foot, 400-bed freshman residential hall, which that team will start in December on the South Village area of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte’s campus. More

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Grandfamilies Helped in Hartford

HARTFORD, CONN. - The old St. Michael’s School here is swarming with children,... More

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Seniors to help students at new affordablehousing

Chula Vista, Calif. — MAAC Project, a nonprofit affordable housing developer, is building a home on an elementary school campus for seniors interested in mentoring students. More

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