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2021 Affordable Housing Outlook

An encouraging 2020 may be a dress rehearsal for 2021’s star turn. More

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The Double Bottom-Line Impact of Affordable Housing

Is there an asset class with more proven resilience and staying power? More

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Is It Time to Engage a Temporary CIO?

Many affordable housing owner/operators could benefit from outside financing... More

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October Crossroads: What’s Next for Affordable Housing

The next few weeks may determine the affordable housing trajectory for 2021. More

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The Surprising Market Resilience of Affordable Housing

Business as usual? Not quite, says an industry expert, but indicators remain strong. More

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Finding Safe Harbor in Section 8 Housing

A $76 million Massachusetts deal illustrates the benefits in an uncertain economy. More

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A Silver Lining for Affordable Housing

This senior industry leader is encouraged by the surprising good that today’s... More

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Renovation Ready to Go at Casa Devon

Bridge financing and early rate lock got the deal done. More

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Top Lending Trends in 2020: The Fight to Finance Aging Affordable Housing

Developers face competition to buy older buildings, but lenders offer financing... More

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