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"A consultant known for urging cities to stop 'enabling' homeless people, in part by blocking charities from handing out food, has been tapped to lead the agency that coordinates the federal government’s response to homelessness," reports Benjamin Oreskes of the Los Angeles Times.

Adobe Stock/Kimberly Reinick

Robert Marbut would succeed Matthew Doherty as head of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, the agency responsible for ending homelessness. It coordinates programs and investment dollars across 19 federal departments.

Marbut has called on a Florida city to stop "renegade food" donations and has been skeptical of Housing First, the "widely accepted model that prioritizes getting people off the streets before focusing on other issues of mental health or substance abuse. The federal agency he is poised to lead has long pushed the strategy as the best way to reduce homelessness," writes Oreskes.

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