AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE magazine is very excited about a new feature we are planning. The past two years, we have inducted industry leaders into our Affordable Housing Hall of Fame. Recognizing the people who have done work throughout the years is important to us, but we also want to recognize the next generation of affordable housing and community development leaders.

We can’t do this special feature without input from our readers. We need your help in identifying these individuals.

Think about the young people you have met in your work and help us identify those special individuals who you think can build organizations, lead programs, usher in new ways of doing things, and solve common problems.

We are looking for people 35 and younger from all disciplines, whether it’s development, finance, law, accounting, or government program administration.

They don't have to be workaholics, but they need to be dedicated and hardworking people who have demonstrated that they are committed to the mission of affordable housing and community development.

They don't need to have positions of great authority at this time. We are looking for people who have already advanced in their career but still have a long way to go.

We will be accepting nominations through the first week of December. To nominate someone, please write a memo that explains why you think the person has leadership ability, making sure to tell us the following:

  • Where they work and job title
  • How you know them, and for how long
  • How long they have worked in the industry
  • What qualities make them potential leaders
  • What you know about their philosophy, purpose, or career goals
  • Outstanding specific accomplishments that show leadership skill
  • Their age, if you know it
  • Their contact information We suggest you keep your nominations confidential, as will we. We will be selective in determining who to profile in the magazine, so we don't want to raise anyone’s hopes. Nor do we want this to be viewed as a career-advancement or resume-building tool. We discourage people from nominating themselves. We will profile these young leaders of affordable housing in one of our 2008 issues.

    Send nominations to Andre Shashaty at [email protected] or fax to (415) 315-1248.