NeighborWorks America has awarded $4.78 million in emergency flexible grants to help 239 nonprofits continue providing vital services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marietta Rodriguez
Marietta Rodriguez

“In these changing times, many organizations have to adjust and pivot to create more virtual environments, to acquire more supplies, all to serve the individuals and families who rely on them daily for their pressing needs,” says Marietta Rodriguez, president and CEO of NeighborWorks America. “We are trying to alleviate that burden as much as we can through the delivery of these emergency grants.”

NeighborWorks America supports a network of nearly 250 organizations in every state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, and its members serve as an important source of programs and services and in providing stable housing for those in need.

The coronavirus crisis is causing major disruptions in communities. The nonprofits are trying to respond to increasing and changing needs:

  • Network organizations with rental properties are instituting preventive measures, including additional cleaning to reduce risk of outbreaks, installing hand sanitizer and washing stations, closing common areas, and closing properties to the public. Also, they are preparing to respond should an outbreak occur in their residential properties, especially for housing developments targeting seniors or other special-needs populations who may be at higher risk.
  • Network organizations are advancing their technology to work virtually. They are needing to buy, install, and train staff on video conferencing and other remote work technology.
  • Network organizations have had to cancel in-person homebuyer education classes and are moving exclusively to counseling virtually or via telephone.
  • Network organizations anticipate an increased need for financial education, eviction prevention, and foreclosure mitigation as low-income households try to maintain their homes due to unemployment.

NeighborWorks America is a congressionally chartered, national, nonpartisan nonprofit that provides access to homeownership, safe, and affordable rental housing, and other community-building services. The NeighborWorks network provided services to 457,206 individuals and families in 2019.