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John Henneberger, one of Texas’ leading experts on low-income housing issues, shares his thoughts on what state officials need to do to help residents who are struggling with a winter storm and massive power outrage.

"A monumental failure of Texas state government is responsible for a statewide power outage causing devastation of our economy and many Texans’ homes," he writes in an article on the Texas Low Income Housing Information service website. "We have the opportunity and the resources to get everyone back on their feet and keep Texans housed. The question we face now is will we require that our government leaders act?"

"Another week’s wages have already been lost at a time when many Texans are already on the brink of losing their homes because of the pandemic. Well over 1 million Texas families face huge rent and mortgage arrears and are only staying housed by a federal eviction moratorium set to expire next month," he says.

Henneberger calls on state officials to secure federal hotel vouchers to temporarily house people whose homes are uninhabitable as well as make an assessment (within 10 days) of the immediate financial need of homeowners and rents with low incomes who do not have the resources to make necessary repairs or replace lost possessions.

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