Every affordable housing firm has a story or three to tell. Each member of the AHF 50 has an origin myth and trajectory; a tale filled with wise veterans and eager rookies; a story that passes through triumph and tragedy, drama and comedy, magic and loss.

At AHF, it’s our pleasure to tell those stories. But, we think of ourselves as more than just a media outlet, just as many of you think of your business models as much more than just a business. It’s our mission to serve those who serve so many, to act as a hub for a community that is so often overlooked and misunderstood by the mainstream media and general public.

Consider this issue’s special focus on the industry’s top owners and developers—the only ranking of its kind. Consider our annual LIHTC issue, used as a tool to educate Congress. Or consider our Readers’ Choice Awards and Hall of Fame.

And then there’s AHF Live. Anybody who has attended knows it’s the event of the year, a unification of the affordable housing ecosystem. But if you’ve gone the past few years, you probably noticed it’s grown crowded—in fact, it’s become standing room only. So, we thought, how can we best serve our community with another event? Is there a way to bring our core audience of developers and owners and financiers together with legislators and government officials—to merge the public–private yin and yang—to brainstorm how to solve our nation’s most pressing housing crisis?

Well now, there is: AHF Live: Housing Developers Forum, June 10–12, in Pentagon City, Va. The show’s theme is “United We Stand,” and the program will explore that intersection of government and housing from the local, state, and federal levels alike. There will be sessions on cost containment, new capital sources, and more. We’ll host a roundtable of developers and HFAs, and a separate one of legislators.

Whether in person, digitally, or in print, our greatest hope is to provide a space for affordable housing to thrive.

Our second-greatest hope is to see you in June.