Nearly one-third of people recently polled fear they will have to move within the next 12 months because of housing costs.

In the survey of 1,006 people conducted this year, 23% reported having to move at least once in the past five years because their rent or mortgage was too high.

“It is unconscionable that hard-working families in America today are unable to pay bills or put food on the table and are constantly in fear of eviction and homelessness,” said Angela Boyd, managing director of Make Room, in a statement. “Our political, philanthropic, and business leaders must work together to end our nation’s housing affordability crisis by dedicating the resources it will take to solve this problem once and for all.”

The Make Room poll reveals broad concerns about housing costs. The study also finds strong support for the creation and preservation of affordable housing. The poll shows:

· 85% of respondents agree that leaders should work to create and preserve affordable homes for all;

· 77% support more affordable rental homes in their communities;

· In the past 12 months, 21% was unable to pay for housing or had to reduce their spending to make their rent or mortgage payments;

· 57% had to reduce their spending on groceries to afford their rent or mortgage;

· 24% had to reduce their spending on medical care to afford their rent or mortgage;

· 65% favor fees on new development to help fund the construction of homes for lower-wage workers; and

· 50% favor a new fee or tax on home sales to support affordable rental homes while 50% oppose the move.

Make Room is a national campaign giving voice to struggling renters. Enterprise Community Partners is the sponsoring partner of the campaign with collaboration of organizations such as the MacArthur and Ford foundations.