The 2012 Affordable Housing Hall of Fame inductees have helped to shape the industry that we know today by championing federal programs, creating new models, preserving the existing stock, and building tens of thousands of units over the past four decades.

Affordable Housing Finance is recognizing four individuals who have made lasting contributions on the legislative, policy, and for-profit and nonprofit development fronts: Michael Bodaken, executive director of the National Housing Trust, a nonprofit leader in the preservation of affordable housing; Patrick Clancy, who retired from the Boston nonprofit The Community Builders at the end of 2011; Michael Levitt, CEO of The Michaels Organization, which is ranked by the AHF 50 as the largest affordable housing owner in the nation; and Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), who has been a powerful advocate for the industry during her time in the House and the Senate.

This year’s group will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at AHF Live: The Affordable Housing Developers’ Summit in Chicago in November. They join 30 other leaders who have been honored since 2006.

The Defender

Sen. Olympia Snowe has stood as one of the housing tax credit's biggest crusaders.

The Synergist

Bodaken transforms NHT to lead in affordable housing preservation.

The Visionary

Clancy plays a key role in nonprofit development model.

The Leader

Levitt builds one of the nation's most active affordable housing organizations.