Mike Alvidrez, Carol Galante, Kim Herman, and Nan Roman have made a huge difference in the lives of low-income Americans. Each in their own way has changed the world.

They’ve developed thousands and thousands of affordable housing units, provided critical financing through thick and thin years, and advocated for better housing policies. For their enormous contributions, they are being inducted into Affordable Housing Finance’s Hall of Fame.

Until recently, Alvidrez was CEO of Skid Row Housing Trust in Los Angeles, building groundbreaking developments in one of the nation’s toughest neighborhoods. He built more than four walls and a roof. His achievements include showing that beautiful, creatively designed projects are important for people experiencing homelessness.

Galante developed transformative affordable housing communities as president and chief executive of BRIDGE Housing, the largest nonprofit builder of affordable and mixed-income housing in California, before joining the Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Obama administration. She first served as deputy assistant secretary for multifamily housing programs and then assistant secretary for housing and Federal Housing Administration commissioner, working to stabilize the housing market after the recession and creating vital new programs.

Herman has been helping finance the creation of single-family and multifamily housing properties in Washington for nearly 35 years. Executive director of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, he leads an organization that responds to the state’s housing needs. Herman has also been a national presence, including serving as past president of the National Council of State Housing Agencies and taking part in efforts to improve the administration of the low-income housing tax credit.

Roman is a leading voice for the nation’s most vulnerable as president and CEO of the National Alliance to End Homelessness. She’s effectively championed the Housing First approach to ending homelessness and advocated for other innovative strategies that have been adopted by communities across the country. In addition to being an articulate speaker on the issue of homelessness, Roman has worked with federal and local leaders to implement effective solutions.

This year's honorees will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at AHF Live, Nov. 12-14, in Chicago.