Bev Bates, Noel Khalil, Sue Reynolds, and Pat Sheridan have been among the country’s most active and innovative developers.

Throughout their careers, they have built thousands and thousands of affordable homes across America. Added together, their work could house the entire population of a major city. That alone is enough, but they’ve also been steadfast advocates, industry leaders, and invaluable mentors. For their lasting contributions, they are being inducted into AHF’s Affordable Housing Hall of Fame.

Bates has been a strong and steady force at The Community Builders for 35 years. She’s been instrumental in the Boston-based nonprofit’s expansion to new regions and has helped build an estimated 20,000 units, including the transformative redevelopment of aging public housing. Her guidance has also helped steer other affordable housing organizations.

Khalil is the founder of Columbia Residential, one of the Southeast’s leading affordable and mixed-income developers. He has helped change the conversation regarding the importance for high-quality design and construction in affordable housing, and his projects have helped reimagine public housing in Atlanta and New Orleans.

Reynolds, the longtime president and CEO of Community HousingWorks, eased the housing needs of countless working families, seniors, and others. Under her leadership, the San Diego-based nonprofit grew in size and scope while delivering groundbreaking projects, including the area’s first LGBT-affirming affordable senior housing complex.

Sheridan has been instrumental in developing affordable housing across the country as well as implementing crucial housing programs. Most recently, he served as executive vice president of housing at Volunteers of America, developing and preserving key projects for the national organization. Earlier, he was responsible for the multifamily housing programs administered by the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Housing Service.

The 2020 inductees will be recognized during the AHF Live virtual conference at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19.