March 2008 Table of Contents

‘Let The People In’

NEW ORLEANS — On Dec. 20, police clashed with residents and housing activists at New Orleans City Hall. Read more


BILL KELLY knows the importance of not just developing but also preserving affordable housing. Read more

MHDC Approves Funding for ’08

KANSAS CITY, MO. — Preserving affordable units for public housing and in rural areas continued to be a focus for Missouri after funding for 34 rental projects for fiscal 2008 was approved. Read more

Volatile Investment Market Prompts Warning on Pricing Volatile Investment Market Prompts Warning on Pricing

First came the chill left by the retreat of several leading low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) investors. Read more

Housing Scandal Rocks Dallas

DALLAS — Sixteen people have been charged in an extensive bribery and extortion scheme involving affordable housing in Dallas. Read more

Jamboree Goes Green

LANCASTER, CALIF - Jamboree Housing Corp. has tried green building, and now it can’t get enough. In December, the Irvine, Calif.-based developer opened 72 apartments designed to meet the standards of Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.’s Green Communities initiative. It’s Jamboree’s first green housing development. Read more


COLUMBUS, OHIO - The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) has approved $24.2 million in multifamily bonds for affordable housing developments.  Read more

Frank Answers: Legislative Leader Weighs In on Housing Policy

In response to inquiries by AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE, the following statement was submitted by Rep. Read more

Developers Rescue State Public Housing

GREAT NECK, N.Y. - The people who live at Spinney Hill Homes here need some help. Their 50-year-old apartments are falling apart around them. Read more

What the Next President Needs to Know About Housing

With the presidential election just eight months away, AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE is launching an ambitious effort to bring the industry together around a simple but forceful housing agenda for the next president and secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Read more


BILL KELLY knows the importance of not just developing but also preserving affordable housing. Read more

Block and Tackle

Even as school districts and municipal governments in major urban areas struggle to keep rental housing affordable for essential service workers, smaller towns located near the nation’s coastal population centers are tackling the workforce housing crisis from a different angle. Read more

Help Us Shape Future of Federal Housing Policy

Forget the incremental approach to affordable housing. Read more

On the Campaign Trail

The presidential candidates have turned blue talking about how to end the Iraq War, revive a sagging economy, and provide health care, but do they have anything to say about affordable housing? Read more

Budget Boosts Project-based Sec. 8, Reduces CDBG Funds

President Bush has sent Congress a $38.5 billion fiscal 2009 Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) budget that includes a big increase in funding for project-based Sec. 8 assistance and a comparable cut in community development. Read more

State, Local Governments Fill Gap Left byFeds

In recent years, the federal government has fallen far behind state and local governments in addressing many public policy concerns, especially the need to deal with runaway housing costs. Read more

Boston Sees Increase in Homeless Families

FOR THE THIRD YEAR in a row, the number of unaccompanied adult homeless individuals is down while family numbers have increased in Boston. Read more

Who needs Brad Pitt?

NEW ORLEANS—Visiting this city for the first time since Katrina, I was not that shocked by what I saw. Read more

Latest, Possibly Last, Round of NMTCs Opens

As supporters seek reauthorization of the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program, the sixth round of allocations has opened, with applications due March 5. Read more

A Flight Toward Certainty

While many lenders are experiencing declining volumes and tightening their underwriting standards in the first quarter of 2008, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is having a resurgence. Read more

Southern Promises

NEW ORLEANS — Two-and-a-half years after Hurricane Katrina, many who called New Orleans home continue to live in trailers tainted by formaldehyde or with relatives in California or in apartments in Houston or in dark cracks where they have slipped unknown into the American landscape. Read more

The Great Transition and the GreatMigration

The big story in the South Central region is that thousands of 2005 hurricane evacuees will enter the rental market this spring in an environment where finding an affordable apartment is like striking gold. Read more

Reader Input Helps Shape 10-Point Plan for Next President

AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE readers have spoken on the subject of housing policy priorities for the next president of the United States, and their top recommendation is to provide more rental subsidies. Read more

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