October 2006 Table of Contents

Austin, Texas: Incentives to Aid AffordableProjects

The Texas capital is trying to meet its affordable housing demands with an incentive program called SMART (Safe, Mixed-Income, Accessible, Reasonably Priced, Transit-Oriented) Housing. Read more

Montgomery County, Md.: 12,000 Units Created byMontgomery County Program

The Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Program (MPDU) here is believed to be the nation’s first mandatory inclusionary zoning law that provided a density bonus to builders to provide affordable housing. Read more

Highland Park, Ill.: City Adopts a SweepingApproach to Affordable Housing

While other cities adopt one or two measures to promote the production of affordable housing, this city has embraced a comprehensive approach that includes a demolition tax, a trust fund, a land trust, and an inclusionary zoning ordinance. Read more

Insurance Costs High and Rising

Hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks: If your apartment property could potentially be damaged by any of these things, then renewing your property insurance policy probably will be a painful experience this year. Read more

Santa Cruz, Calif.: Granny-Unit Law Adopted

This seaside community has found a way to encourage the development of affordable small-scale, neighborhood-compatible housing. Read more

Columbus, Ohio: City Fights Back Against Blight

Mayor Michael Coleman this year announced a new $25 million neighborhood revitalization initiative called Home Again. Read more

East Providence, R.I.: Affordable housing added to waterfront district plans

When this city put together a plan for a 300-acre waterfront district, officials recognized that most of the 2,000 to 3,000 homes that were planned for the area would be unaffordable to moderate-income residents. Read more

Carlsbad, Calif.: City Ordinance Produces MoreThan 1,700 Units

This city requires 15 percent of all new residential developments to be affordable to low-income residents. Read more

Vote Early, Vote Housing

When voters go to the polls Nov. 7 Read more

Seattle: Residents Pass Housing Levy to RaiseFunds

Seattle residents give more than lip service to affordable housing. Read more

Boosting Affordable Housing

From metropolitan cities to sprawling suburbias to one-stoplight hamlets, the lack of affordable housing in the U.S. has reached a crisis point. Read more

A Place of Our Own

SEATTLE—As the final days of August slipped away, Marilyn Smith walked the halls of the new building, taking in the details. Read more

Sacramento, Calif.: Sacramento Pilots Pre-Approved Plan Program

California’s capital city has launched a pilot program to help developers build on infill sites. Read more

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