April 2001 Table of Contents

2001 Income Limits Delayed to Mid-April

Tax credit income limits for 2001 will not be published until mid-April, said a HUD spokesman on March 28. Read more

Democrats Attack HUD Budget as Inadequate

The Bush Administration's budget for housing and community development programs in fiscal year 2002 was met with strong criticism from congressional Democrats and public housing organizations. Read more

Weicher's FHA Appointment Falls Flat with Industry

San Diego - The Bush Administration probably could not have nominated anyone less popular with multifamily developers and lenders to be assistant secretary for housing and FHA commissioner than John Weicher. Read more

2001 HUD Income Limits Published

HUD has released new median family income (MFI) estimates for the fiscal year 2001 (Notice PDR-2001-02, April 6, 2001). Read more

FHA faces new demands

HUD has a winner on its hands with the multifamily accelerated processing (MAP) reforms it rolled out last year to speed up the application process for FHA-insured loans. Read more

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