Denver-Aurora, CO

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Report: LIHTC Properties Do Not Harm Nearby Home Values

Trulia studied home prices near affordable housing in 20 markets. More

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Boston Capital Invests in Permanent Supportive Housing in Denver

Saint Francis Apartments at Cathedral Square will provide 50 affordable homes. More

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Colorado Reserves Second-Round LIHTC Awards

The awards will finance 692 affordable housing units across the state. More

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Boston Capital Invests $10.4 Million in Colorado Development

The equity will help Summit Housing Group develop the Centennial Park Apartments... More

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Affordable Housing Sales Market Heats Up

CBRE Affordable Housing reports that recent sales prices are averaging $57,057 per... More

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Transit-Oriented Development Near Denver Receives Financing

Enterprise Community Investment is providing nearly $15 million in LIHTC equity. More

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Denver Project to Utilize Social Impact Bonds

Sanderson Apartments will serve 60 formerly homeless individuals. More

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Campaign Gives Voice to Struggling Renters

Popular musicians are performing living-room concerts as part of Make Room More

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Health Care and Housing Come Together in Denver

Renaissance Stout Street Lofts helps formerly homeless residents stabilize their... More

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