In recent years, the federal government has fallen far behind state and local governments in addressing many public policy concerns, especially the need to deal with runaway housing costs.

Recognizing that trend, the Center for Housing Policy, the research affiliate of the National Housing Conference (NHC), has launched a major effort to disseminate information on successful state and local housing initiatives.

State and local governments are “stepping into a void” left by federal inaction but would benefit from sharing information about what they are doing, said Jeffrey M. Lubell, executive director.

Under Lubell, who took the helm in 2006, the center has gone beyond its traditional practice of documenting affordable housing needs to start disseminating information on solutions to housing problems.

In 2007, it came out with an analysis of the roles state and local governments can play to expand availability of rental and ownership homes for working families.

In January 2008, it launched a new online guide to state and local housing policy at . Lubell Lubell said it is a major platform for reaching state and local governments and helping them put together comprehensive housing strategies. The center will follow up with outreach, technical assistance, and conferences to further that goal.

Lubell succeeded Robert J. Reid, who served as head of the center since 1993. The center has three main strategic goals: to expand awareness of the nation’s housing challenges, develop programs to meet housing needs, and document connections between housing and other issues, such as education, health, and environment.