HUD has released new median family income (MFI) estimates for the fiscal year 2001 (Notice PDR-2001-02, April 6, 2001).

These estimates are based on 1990 Census MFI estimates updated to 2001 using a combination of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) earnings and employment data and Census Divisional P-60 median income data. The national MFI is $52,500.

Average wage data from the BLS were available for 1989 through the end of 1998 at a county level, and were aggregated to the metropolitan area level for multi-county metropolitan areas. Census Divisional level median family and household income estimates were available from the Current Population Report March 1990-2000 surveys, which measure incomes from mid-1989 through mid-1999. These data were then used to update mid-1989 income estimates from the 1990 Census to the middle of 1999. The mid-1999 estimates were trended forward 4% to mid-fiscal year 2001 based on past P-60 Series trends.