Historic Pullman Wheelworks Undergoes Transformation

The sprawling 294,000-square-foot building has been likened to a “horizontal high-rise,” says Linda Brace, vice president, real estate development at Mercy Housing Lakefront.

Beyond its walls, Pullman Wheelworks has helped stabilize a Chicago neighborhood ready for revival. Nearby, another team is leading the development of Pullman Park, a sweeping 180-acre mixed-use development.

Mercy Housing Lakefront and National Housing Trust-Enterprise Preservation Corp. created new space for property management offices, a maintenance shop, community rooms, and a computer lab. Interior improvements included the replacement of flooring, lighting, fixtures, cabinetry in bathrooms and kitchens, and kitchen appliances.

Pullman Wheelworks provides affordable housing for 450 individuals, with an average household income of $4,744. If these units were not preserved many of these residents would have had few places to turn for affordable housing options.

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