One Economy and Meraki are teaming up to bring broadband wireless networking capabilities to low-income housing developments.

The nonprofit One Economy has been helping to bridge the digital divide since 2000 by ushering broadband connectivity to low-income housing units and training residents on how to use the technology.

Meraki, a provider of Wi-Fi networking solutions, has already worked with One Economy to provide free or low-cost wireless connectivity to 15,000 low-income units throughout the country. That effort includes connecting 45 low-income units in Park Boulevard, an ambitious mixed-income redevelopment of a former public housing site in Chicago.

But the recently announced partnership will expand those efforts to provide wireless networking to 100,000 low-income units throughout the United States and internationally within the next two years.

One Economy’s mission is to empower low-income individuals by giving them the same technological tools and know-how that most people take for granted, a sentiment shared by Meraki. “We believe open, constantly available access to information has the power to transform lives,” says Sanjit Biswas, Meraki’s CEO.

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