The calendar of events for the affordable housing industry grows a little more crowded each year. From accounting firms to lenders, from HFAs to nonprofit think tanks, it seems everybody’s getting in on the conference game these days.

But there’s been one constant in the affordable housing ecosystem the past 11 turbulent years, an event that hasn’t just withstood the test of time but has gained momentum, growing bigger, bolder, and better each year. 

From the dizzying highs of 2007 through the terrifying lows of the Great Recession; from a LIHTC market begging for investors to one averaging nearly a dollar per; from stories criticizing former HUD secretaries to articles highlighting the present administration; from sea to shining sea—AHF Live has anchored the year like the Rock of Gibraltar. 

Simply put, it’s the place to be. And with all apologies to our accountant friends, since 2004, AHF Live has served as the industry’s most trusted adviser.

We were there just after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina sent an entire city into chaos—and there to celebrate the rebuilding years later. We were there in Chicago around Election Day in 2008 to witness a coincidental presidential campaign celebration. We were there when Fannie and Freddie were the industry’s biggest LIHTC investors, and when they were seized by the federal government, we were there to tell you what it meant for the industry. 

Maybe most important, we’ve provided a place where the nation’s owners and developers interface with leaders from the equity and debt fields, a sort of business incubator where deals are informally struck during cocktail receptions and formally closed in the hallways. But all we really do is provide a space—you make it come alive. So, I’m hoping you’ll bring it all back home to Chicago Nov. 18–20 to help us write the latest chapter in this triumphant, timeless narrative.