Builder senior editor Jennifer Goodman looks at why the presidential candidates aren't talking about housing.

She digs into a new study by the Center for Opportunity Urbanism that explores the lack of affordable housing in America and its consequences. Goodman writes:

“America faces a growing crisis in housing supply unseen since the aftermath of the Second World War. It is both driving families out of many regions, particularly along the ocean coasts, and forcing many others to live in more crowded dwellings than most prefer,” notes COU Executive Director Joel Kotkin, in the study, a collection of five essays around the issue.

The current shortage of new residential housing in the United States forcing many middle-class Americans and young people to put off or give up the dream of homeownership has a knock-on effect across the economy, resulting in greater economic inequality and slower growth, says Kotkin. The presidential campaigns call for lower taxes and higher minimum wages, but they fail to see how America’s housing crisis contributes, and is at the root, to America’s socio-economic problems.

Read the Builder article to learn more about the study's findings.

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