Abused seniors have a place to go with the opening of a project in Sacramento, Calif.

Sacramento Senior Safe House is believed to be the first of its kind west of the Mississippi.

The six-bedroom residential shelter serves abused and neglected seniors in need of emergency housing. It provides the seniors with an option other than going into a general homeless shelter.

The project is designed as a home rather than the barracks-style living that is often associated with shelters, said Pam Herman, director of HomeAid Sacramento.

HomeAid Sacramento, Lennar Homes, Mercy Housing, Volunteers of America, and the North State Building Industry Association worked together to build the development.

Lennar Homes served as HomeAid’s pro-bono “building captain” for this project, coordinating the construction of the facility.

A national nonprofit organization, HomeAid’s model has been to partner with home builders to create housing for the homeless and others. This is the fifth project collaboration between Lennar and HomeAid in the Sacramento area.

 Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation also provided a grant for the project.

Mercy Housing purchased the property more than 10 years ago and oversaw the engineering and design process. The group also received several grants to help fund the project’s construction

Volunteers of America, in partnership with the development’s board of directors, will operate the home.

The $900,000 project is also distinguished by its green design, including solar panels. The home is 30 percent more efficient than standard new homes in the state, according to Lennar.