It’s easy to get discouraged by the challenges of developing affordable housing. That’s why we at AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE think it’s so important to look back at the progress we have made as an industry and the people who helped bring it about.

That’s also why we initiated our Affordable Housing Hall of Fame in 2006. In our first group of inductees, we focused on people who had played a key role in enacting the lowincome housing tax credit program in 1986.

This year, we are pleased to present a new group of inductees who have been inspirational leaders and who have made major contributions to our business.

Today, it’s easy to take for granted that many banks are happy to invest in affordable housing. But 30 years ago, the situation was much different.

Three of our inductees this year played crucial roles in bringing about the enactment of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and led the way in making its promise a reality.

One of our inductees was the driving force for a whole new approach to affordable housing design and development and led the battle to reverse the decay of public housing.

Finally, our last inductee blazed a trail for the activist role of cities and states in affordable housing and community development as the federal dominance of the field was fading.

The editors of AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE are honored and pleased to present the 2007 inductees into the Affordable Housing Hall of Fame.

A formal presentation will be held as part of AHF Live: The Tax Credit Developers’ Summit on Oct. 26 in Chicago.


  • The Developer: Urban Pioneer
  • The Street Fighter: Playing Hardball
  • The Friendly Leader: A Mentor to Many
  • The Banker: Banking on the Inner City
  • The Apostle of Rehab: Proving Preservation's Power