Amy Anthony, Wilfred Cooper Sr., Nancy Johnson, and Jack Manning have all stood tall for affordable housing.

Their leadership through the years has benefited the industry, whether it's helping to establish the mighty low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program or preserving housing developments in danger of losing their affordability.

They've shaped public policy, inspired their peers, and helped house low- and moderateincome families across the nation.

Sure, in some cases their actions have benefitted their businesses, but it can't be denied that their efforts have furthered the greater cause of affordable housing. For their lasting contributions, they are this year's inductees into the Affordable Housing Hall of Fame.

During her eight years as Massachusetts' top housing official, Anthony helped produced more than 25,000 units of affordable housing while introducing innovative housing policies.

She continues to be a difference-maker as she leads Boston-based Preservation of Affordable Housing, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing housing in danger of losing their affordability. Her organization tackles some of the toughest deals in the industry.

The others would each have their own chapter in LIHTC history.

Cooper is founder and chairman of WNC & Associates, Inc., a leading LIHTC syndicator. During a 40-year career in affordable housing, he has advocated for the establishment and advancement of the LIHTC program. He's also been a powerful force for the New Markets Tax Credit.

Manning also played an enormous role in establishing and furthering the LIHTC. President and CEO of Boston Capital, he worked to convince lawmakers to create the housing credit in 1986. He then fought for the program to be made permanent. Along the way, his firm has become the nation's No. 1 owner/investor of apartments.

Johnson, who served as a Republican congresswoman from Connecticut for 24 years, also holds a special place in affordable housing history. She defended the housing tax credit when it was targeted for elimination by powerful members of the House. Johnson stepped up when the program needed her most.

This year's group will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at a Nov. 4 luncheon concluding AHF Live: The 2011 Affordable Housing Developers' Summit at the Swissotel in Chicago.

Committed to the Cause

Amy Anthony has influenced housing policy and preservation efforts

Leading Through the Years

Cooper advances key programs

A Staunch Supporter

Johnson rallied for the LIHTC program when it came under fire

Tax Credit Trailblazer

Manning helped lay the groundwork for the LIHTC program