Dan Fauske has resigned after nearly two decades of leading the Alaska Housing Finance Corp. (AHFC)

He had been jointly serving as president of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. (AGDC), and his departure from AHFC will allow him to focus on the planning of an in-state natural gas pipeline, according to officials.

Affordable housing and pipelines may seem like an odd pair, but AGDC was formed as a subsidiary corporation of AHFC during the state 2010 legislative session. With its expertise in project oversight and state finance, the housing agency was selected to lead the pipeline project team.

Fauske had been the chief executive of the state housing agency for 18 years. AHFC is responsible for allocating low-income housing tax credits and administering other housing finance programs in the state.

Bryan Butcher has been named AHFC’s new CEO and executive director. He is familiar with the agency having served as director of governmental relations and public affairs until becoming the state’s revenue commissioner more than two years ago.

He will earn $250,000 a year in his new role.