Paying tribute to the affordable housing community continues to be an honor for the editors at Affordable Housing Finance. We think it's important to recognize those industry leaders who have been trailblazers in serving low-income Americans throughout their careers as well as the up-and-coming leaders who are ushering in new solutions for creating affordable housing.

We created the Affordable Housing Hall of Fame in 2006 and have inducted 34 pioneers and leaders from different sectors of the industry and the federal government. Past inductees include: Sen. Olympia Snowe, Rep. Barney Frank, Chuck Edson of Nixon Peabody, David Reznick of CohnReznick, Sister Lillian Murphy of Mercy Housing, Robert Greer and Michael Levitt of The Michaels Organization, and Michael Bodaken of the National Housing Trust.

Affordable Housing Finance also has been recognizing industry leaders younger than 40 since 2008. And we’ve seen a lot of commitment and excellence out of these 41 rising stars who represent the development, finance, and policy sides of the industry.

Now it’s time to select the next round of inductees for the Affordable Housing Hall of Fame and the 2013 Young Leaders. They will be featured in the October “Leadership Issue” of Affordable Housing Finance and honored at a luncheon at the conclusion of AHF Live: The 2013 Affordable Housing Developers’ Summit Nov. 20-22 at the Fairmont Millennium Park in Chicago.

Please think about those who have made a difference over the years as well as those who are starting to make changes in the industry today. Send your nominations for the Hall of Fame and Young Leaders to by Friday, May 3.

Hall of Fame nominations need to include the nominee’s name, organization, and why you think the person should be part of this elite group of housing leaders.

For Young Leader nominations, tell us why you think the person has leadership ability, making sure to note the following:

  • where they work and job title
  • how you know them, and for how long
  • how long they have worked in the industry
  • what qualities make them potential leaders
  • what you know about their philosophy, purpose, or career goals
  • outstanding specific accomplishments that show leadership skill
  • their age, if you know it
  • their contact information
  • their resume, if you have it

We suggest you keep your nomination confidential, as will we. We will be selective in determining who to profile in the magazine, so we don’t want to raise anyone’s hopes. Nor do we want this to be viewed as a career-advancement or resume-building tool.
For more information, please e-mail