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10 tips to rescue a failing project

In this issue: Theobald’s top 10 tactics to tangible tax credit triumph: 10 ideas to rescue a failing tax credit project before the end of the first year of the credit period. Read more

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Find out if you need lease-up help

In this issue: Ten steps to guarantee a miserable experience in the first year of the credit period; HUD’s clarification of its new student rule; a reminder about qualifying Hurricane Katrina victims. Read more

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What to do when fair market rents for Sec. 8 are lower than LIHTC rents

In this issue: When Sec. 8 rents are less than LIHTC rents; mixing and matching utility allowances; delivering on the promises made. Read more

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Confronting minimum set-asides and applicable fractions

In this issue: Confronting one of the most confusing aspects of the tax credit program – the difference between the minimum set-aside and the applicable fraction. Read more

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Project-based voucher program’s final rules take some by surprise

In this issue: New Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) final rules affecting Sec. 42: rent restrictions for project-based voucher units and the student rule. Also, is there a change in Sec. 42 utility allowances pending? Read more

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