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  • Crowdfunding: The Future of Multifamily Investing?

    The core concepts of crowdfunding have been around for decades. But the improvements made in technology and social media have eased the process and widened the pool, providing more opportunities for sponsors and investors alike.

  • The Future of Apartment Cap Rates

    With construction growing, the cycle maturing, and interest rates rising, many observers are now wondering whether cap rates have bottomed and will head upward over the next few years.

  • At Your Service

    Lenders fought hard against stiff competition to make loans to affordable housing properties in 2013. Among those competitors, commercial banks once again crowd the top of affordable housing ­finance’s annual list of the biggest lenders.

  • HUD Streamlines LIHTC Pilot Program to Stoke Demand

    Federal agency, with input from stakeholders, makes key fixes that will allow more multifamily borrowers to use the program.

  • How Affordable Housing Can Make a Name for Itself (and Why)

    Fay Darmawi shares strategies on making affordable housing relevant and relatable to those outside the industry.